Survival Chinese Course

So you’re planning a trip to China and want to get a handle on basic Chinese and the type of language that you need to use every day? Then you have definitely come to the right place! This course is taught live by our Beijing based tutors via Skype. You will develop a great understanding of basic Chinese phrases as you learn Chinese through our online travel course. You will get schooled in greetings, shopping interactions, travel, and general holiday communication and you can try it right now for free by signing up!


Follow a course aimed at travellers

This is not about becoming fluent in Chinese. Instead you will become equipped with basic Chinese phrases to order the food you want, book into your hotel and bargain with shopkeepers to your heart’s content. With a handle on the basics we guarantee you will get a whole lot more out of your trip!


Choose any one of our excellent tutors

The program allows you to choose which tutor you want to work with. The ‘Tutors’ page will direct you to the various tutors available, including their respective schedules. Simply choose your tutor and schedule yourself into his or her roster. Once your lesson time arrives, your tutor will connect with you via Skype and the lesson can begin.


Learn in Your Own Time

We don’t dictate when you conduct your Individual Chinese lessons. By accessing a tutor’s schedule, you can choose a convenient time to schedule your learning session. If your tutor isn’t available at the times you prefer, there are other tutors available who may be able to accommodate you. This is aimed at providing you with the convenience to study at the times you are most comfortable.


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To try the traveller package and learn basic Chinese phrases, sign up for a free lesson at My Chinese Tutor today! Our free lesson is valid to use within 14 days of signing up and you will also gain free access to My Chinese Hub that is valid for 24 hours. My Chinese Hub is our content website containing comprehensive materials to assist you with your Chinese learning.



Try before you buy!

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