Chinese Lessons for Students

Online Chinese tutor is for students of all ages seeking to revise and practice their school content with one of our native speakers in Beijing.

Students can revise their Chinese school lessons at their convenience, learning Chinese online directly from home. For students following the My Chinese Teacher program at school, this eChinese course is perfect for you as we will revise the same learning modules.

For other students, our tutors will take you through your school’s curriculum to provide guidance and to help you revise for tests and exams. Try out your first online Chinese lesson for FREE and let us show you how we help students from all over the world!

If you are an Australian Primary or High School student, you will have access to FREE Chinese lessons through the Language Learning Space. Simply ask your Chinese teacher to book some lessons on LLS Tutor: Chinese on your behalf to start your online Chinese lessons today!


Structured lessons aimed at fast learning

We have put together an extensive curriculum designed for easy learning. Language students will find this to be an excellent online Chinese program, as it contains carefully-prepared lessons to facilitate effective development. Each lesson is 30 to 60 minutes long, depending on your requirements. We also track your progress so you can switch tutors as often as you like while maintaining a consistent learning pathway.

A Variety of Excellent Tutors

At My Chinese Tutor, we offer a team of excellent language tutors to choose from. As we are committed to offering convenient, high quality online Chinese lessons, we offer an option for you to choose your tutor. Simply go to our ‘Tutors’ page to view our list of tutors, view their teaching roster, and schedule yourself into the time slots that suit you best. Once you lesson time arrives; your tutor will connect with you through Skype to begin the lesson.

If your preferred Online Chinese tutor is not available at your convenience, there will be others who can provide the course at your chosen time. With My Chinese Tutor, learning Chinese online is easy and convenient!

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