Chinese for Beginner’s

Learning Chinese online has never been more convenient. We offer you a way to learn Chinese at a time of your choice with any member of our tutor team that you decide to choose.  You pick the subscription that suits you best whether it is 5 hours per month or over 20 hours per month.  One free trial lesson with one of our tutors and you will have your Chinese learning ambitions clearly set out in front of you.  We are successful in what we do because our tutors are engaging and can support you in improving your Chinese any way that you demand.   Book a free trial lesson so we can show you why there is no better way to learn Chinese online.


Structured lessons aimed at supporting your development

We have put together an extensive curriculum aimed at taking you on a structured pathway of Chinese learning. Lessons are 30 to 60 minutes long, depending on your needs. We also track your progress so you can switch tutors as often as you like while continuing the same lesson content.


Choose any one of our excellent tutors

Book a lesson with any of our Beijing based tutors. The ‘Tutors’ page will direct you to the various tutors available, including their schedules. Simply choose your tutor and select one of the available lesson times. Once your lesson time arrives, your tutor will connect with you via Skype and the lesson can begin.


Learn in your own time

We don’t dictate when you conduct your Individual Chinese lessons. By accessing a tutor’s schedule, you can choose a convenient time to schedule your lessons. If your preferred tutor isn’t available at your desired time there will be other tutors available to accommodate you. This is aimed at providing you with the convenience to study at the times that suit you best.


Sign up for a free lesson and try the Individual package for yourself. The free lesson is available within 14 days from sign up at which point it will expire. In addition to the free lesson, you will also receive 24 hours of free access to My Chinese Hub – our online content website which contains lots of material to assist you with the development of your Chinese.



Try before you buy!

Take a free 30 minute trial lesson with a tutor of your choice!