Business Chinese Course

You are a professional looking to get the jump on your fellow employees or you want to do business in China. You want to equip yourself to speak Chinese in a way that allows you to do business with one of the world’s largest economies.

China is the type of place where speaking some of the local language can take you a long way and there is no greater challenge or complement to the Chinese people you are dealing with in the business arena than speaking to them in their native tongue and demonstrating you are willing to learn Chinese.

Our courses are designed to develop your Chinese for business-specific encounters in China. This course is comprehensive and covers common Chinese language as well as more business specific vocabulary and etiquette. These sessions are conducted live by a tutor of your choice over Skype. Book your first lesson for FREE and learn Chinese with us so we can make you better at what you do!


Choose any one of our excellent tutors

The program allows you to choose which tutor you want to work with. The ‘Tutors’ page will direct you to the various tutors available, including their respective schedules. Simply choose your tutor and schedule yourself into his or her roster. Once your lesson time arrives, your tutor will connect with you via Skype and the lesson can begin.


Learn in your own time

We don’t dictate when you conduct your Individual Chinese lessons. By accessing a tutor’s schedule, you can choose a convenient time to schedule when you want to learn Chinese. If your tutor isn’t available at the times you prefer, there are other tutors available who may be able to accommodate you. This is aimed at providing you with the convenience to study at the times you are most comfortable.


Sign up for a free lesson and try the business package for yourself. The free lesson is available within 14 days from sign up at which point it will expire. In addition to the free lesson, you will also receive 24 hours of free access to My Chinese Hub – our online content platform designed to assist you with learning Chinese.



Try before you buy!

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